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Tips for Water Heater Longevity


The average water heater lasts up to 12 years. Use the following tips to increase your water heater's longevity and make it operate better for you.

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4 Reasons to Replace the Pipes in Your Home


A functional plumbing system is critical to the comfort and safety of your home. Without adequate and reliable plumbing, maintaining a sanitary environment would be a real challenge. Indoor plumbing has been around for a number of years, but advancements in technology and the availability of durable materials have made modern plumbing pipes and fixtures more efficient.

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3 Clues YouMayHave Blocked PlumbingVents


Your home's plumbing system relies on what are known as plumbing vents. These tall vertical pipes lead upward through your home and penetrate the roof into the open air. A plumbing vent has two key roles. The first is to permit your plumbing system to "breathe" so that wastewater can properly drain out of your fixtures.

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Moving Into a New Home?


You could overlook a plumbing issue. As you settle into your new home, keep your eyes peeled for these often-overlooked signs of impending plumbing trouble.

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