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Professional Drain Cleaning in San Diego

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When clogs disrupt your day, you want fast, experienced service. Without an appropriate response, that clog can lead to expensive repairs or even adversely affect the health of your family. Who will you call when you need to get the kitchen sink unclogged or when drain cleaning is the only answer to a smelly shower? Rapid Plumbing in San Diego offers hydro jetting to clean out those stubborn clogs in your home.

Expert Hydro-Jetting for Tough Clogs

Our company has tackled many clogs throughout the community. Sometimes this requires the use of mini-jet cleaning technology, and sometimes it calls for the use of a drain snake. Other jobs require the very effective hydro-jetting technology. We’ve discovered that there are some common causes for clogged pipes:

  • Grease and bits of food get rinsed down the kitchen sink. Bacon grease and coffee grounds are often the culprits in kitchen clogs. We’ll help you understand what can be safely rinsed and what should be dumped into the garbage can.

  • Hair is one of the most persistent things we’ve had to deal with as we unclog bathroom drains. When hair builds up, it can create stubborn clogs that won’t move without the use of an auger or other aggressive methods.

  • Another common bathroom offender is soap scum. As it mixes with toothpaste and hair in the sink or the shower, soap residue builds up and could be the cause of mold and mildew in your pipes. Water from the shower should clear immediately; if there’s standing water, call us before other problems arise.
  • Throughout the home, in the bathroom, kitchen or laundry room, miscellaneous items can lead to difficult clogs. Toys, missing socks and too much toilet paper are all common troublemakers for homeowners.

Call Today for Fast Service

At Rapid Plumbing, we offer rooter services and trenchless sewer repair. No matter the scope of your emergency in San Diego, we can help. Call us at 310-550-4507 for an immediate response.


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