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The Benefits of Trenchless Sewer Repair in San Diego


Tree roots can present significant problems deep within your water lines. In fact, they can lead to a burst pipe or cause your drains to back up. Once you’ve noticed the clog, a quick response and trenchless sewer repair from Rapid Plumbing may be the very best option. Lateral trenchless technology is much less invasive than traditional water line replacement services in San Diego. Without tearing up your landscaping or pulling up your floors, we can locate broken pipes and unclog significant blockages. With sewer-pipe-locating technology, we’ll find the clogged area and treat it with an auger or snake, when possible, or put our hydro-jetting equipment to work.

We Can Replace Your Pipes With Minimal Damage

Sometimes our rooter or snake service simply isn’t enough. There are times when tree roots in sewer line clogs require a whole new water line. Our modern service is appropriate for these situations, whether we perform repiping or a complete revamping of the system. Other common reasons for needing sewer line replacements include aging pipes, cracks from exposure to heavy equipment and exposure to extreme environmental conditions. If you’re planning some new construction and discover that your pipes are no longer up to code, you may need to replace the existing system. Trenchless technology means that these new pipes can be installed with very little damage to your landscaping.

Turn to the Experts

Routine maintenance can reduce the risks of broken pipes due to tree roots and other major clogs. Our services in San Diego include this preventative practice. When you need a professional to unclog the toilet or to advise you concerning water heater replacement, contact Rapid Plumbing. We are ready to tackle the repairs and any additional services you need to prevent serious disruptions to your schedule. Give us a call for emergency services or to schedule maintenance. Our number is 310-550-4507.


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